5 drinks to help you lose weight

Watching your waistline doesn’t mean cutting out your favourite treats. Try these healthier drinks for great flavours without the extra calories

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hot cocoa mix

Chilly-Day Hot Cocoa Mix

This sweet treat is an easy-to-assemble gift for friends and neighbours. Keep some on hand to help warm up after a long day out in the cold winter weather.


Get the recipe: Chilly-Day Hot Cocoa Mix

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olive oil
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Olive Oil Energy Drink

Vital veggies and EFA-rich olive oil make for a drink that will give you energy throughout the day.


Get the recipe: Olive Oil Energy Drink


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watermelon fresca

Watermelon Agua Fresca

Agua Fresca, Spanish for fresh, cold waters, is a combination of watermelon, water, fruit and honey blended together and served ice cold. This is the perfect beverage to enjoy on a backyard patio.


Get the recipe: Watermelon Agua Fresca

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Peach Iced Tea

We drink gallons of iced tea year-round, and like most southerners, we drink it sweet. But in the summer months we add sunny-syrupy flavor by stirring in peaches that we’ve liquefied in a blender.


Get the recipe: Peach Iced Tea

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blueberry shake

Wild Blueberry Soy Shake

Whether you’re in the mood for an antioxidant-packed breakfast or a sweet afternoon snack, this smooth blueberry soy shake will hit the spot.


Get the recipe: Wild Blueberry Soy Shake



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