5 Common Causes of Female Hair Loss

Why you’re losing your locks and the products that can help.

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Why you might be losing your locks

You finish your morning blowout and, as you twirl your tresses into place, you can’t help but do a double take in the mirror. Is the part in your hair getting wider?

Female hair loss is a daunting experience for many women. Factors like stress or pregnancy can be one of the many reasons why why you’re seeing more hair in your brush than usual, but if you’re noticing any hair loss you should make an appointment with your healthcare provider right away.

Androgenetic Alopecia
Also known as female-pattern baldness, this is rooted in genetics, with hormones potentially playing a role.

Crash diets
A sudden drop in calorie intake can trigger clump-like hair loss.

Also known as traction-based loss, this is commonly caused by wearing tight braids or ponytails daily.

An overactive or underactive thyroid gland can cause hair loss all over the head due to hormonal imbalances. Once the hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism is treated, though, the hair tends to grow back.

Hair loss can happen during and after pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations and can cause clump-like hair loss rather than bald patches or widening parts.

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Shampoo Products

Female hair loss treatments that work

In the meantime, make volumizing hair products and other at-home treatments your friend. “Volumizing shampoos can temporarily increase the calibre of each strand and improve the look of hair for women,” says dermatologist, Dr. Jeff Donovan. Click through for four products proven to help women experiencing female hair loss.

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Deciem Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum

Apply this serum nightly to rebalance the hair cycle and awaken resting follicles so more hair stays in the anagen, or growth, phase longer.
Cost: $50

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Nioxin Night Rescue Treatment

Just like we use nighttime skincare products to regenerate and soothe our faces, this nighttime treatment does the same for scalp, using an antioxidant complex to diminish free-radical damage and create a healthy scalp environment for our hair to grow.
Cost: $50

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Shampoo for hair loss

NISIM NewHair Biofactors Shampoo

Easy to mix in with your regular shower routine, this stand-alone shampoo contains a mix of amino acids and provitamin B5 to provide strength and support to the hair follicle.
Cost: $50

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René Furterer Paris Triphastic ATP Intensif Regenerating Treatment for Hair Loss

This three-month treatment focuses on the adenosine triphosphate molecule (proven to triple the length of hair’s life cycle) and improves hair anchoring and survival of the hair bulb – that means there’s less of a chance that existing hair will fall out.
Cost: $215 (for a three-month treatment)

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