4 ways to eat like a Brit during the London 2012 Summer Olympics

Whether you’re headed to London, or watching the Olympics from home, here’s a primer of quirky, but iconic, British treats

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Walkers Crisps

Walkers Crisps

Yes, they’re potato chips. But the nice thing is they have built-in portion control: They’re usually sold in much smaller bags than the bags of chips sold here in Canada. These “crisps” are made with 100 percent British potatoes, and contain no artificial colours or preservatives. Flavours include Worcester Sauce, Roast Chicken and Prawn Cocktail (only in Britain, eh?). If you find yourself in a pub, ask for the Walkers Cheese & Onion; they go great with a pint of bitter.

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While strolling in London during the summer, you’re likely to see Brits and tourists alike enjoying glasses of Pimm’s, a classic summer drink. James Pimm began serving the Pimm’s “house cup” (gin flavoured with liqueurs and fruit extract) in 1823 at the famous Oyster Bar in central London. You can also find Pimm’s at select liquor retailers across Canada. The best part about this drink? The fruit and veg garnishes-a refreshing way to get some antioxidants.


Recipe: Mix 1 part Pimm’s No.1 with 3 parts chilled sparkling lemonade, lemon-lime soda or ginger ale; add fresh mint, cucumber slices, orange slices and a strawberry.

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Made from brewer’s yeast and quite high in B vitamins, Marmite has been a staple in British pantries since 1902. It’s an acquired taste; in fact, the company’s marketing slogan is, “Love it or hate it.” Those who love it claim to be addicted, spreading it thinly on a slice of lightly buttered toast each morning and munching it along with a cup of tea. It’s a good thing you need just a little: It’s pretty high in sodium.

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Jacob's Twiglets

Jacob’s Twiglets

If you like Marmite, you’ll love these classic British party snacks: the Original flavour has a similar taste to Marmite since it contains yeast extract. The whole-wheat, knobbly sticks are high in fibre and baked, not fried-with just 5.3 g of fat in a 45-g package. They also come in-wait for it-Worcester Sauce flavour. How veddy Brrritish!

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