4 moves for stronger, firmer arms

Do these 4 moves just 3 times a week for toned arms to carry you through your day

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Anatomy lesson

Biceps (front of upper arm) – Primarily bends the arm and assists in rotating the forearm and flexing the shoulder. 
Triceps (back of upper arm) – Primarily extends the arm and assists in extending the shoulder and bringing the arm closer to the body when raised.
Deltoid (round outline of the shoulder) – Raises the arm to the front, side or back because of its three parts: anterior, posterior and lateral fibres.

The routine

Exercises can be done 3-5 times per week for 12-15 repetitions up to 3 sets each. Once the repetitions are completed, rest 30 seconds then repeat the same exercise before moving on to the next.

The tempo in which you execute each repetition is slow. A slow tempo keeps the muscle under tension longer, forcing the muscle fibres to work harder and assisting in building the arm muscles efficiently.

The following exercises are to be completed using a 4-1-2 tempo. 
• Count to four (4) when lowering the weight (eccentric phase)
• Count one (1) when weight is back at starting position (stretch/pause)
• Count to two (2) when lifting the weight (concentric phase)

What you need: resistance bands or tubing, and 3 to 5-lb weights to increase intensity.

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1. Standing Lateral Raise

1. Standing Lateral Raise

(Works lateral fibres of the deltoid)

Get in a lunge position and place the resistance tubing under the arch of the front foot. Grasp each handle with the palms of your hands facing down and elbows slightly bent.

1. Raise the handles up and away from the body until your arms reach shoulder height.

2. Hold and return to starting position.

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2. Triceps extension in a lunge position

2. Triceps extension in a lunge position

(Works triceps and the posterior deltoids)

Get in a lunge position and place the resistance tubing under the mid part of the front foot. Lean forward by bending at the waist but still keeping the torso straight. Grasp each handle with elbows bent, the palms of your hands facing each other and the upper arm parallel to the floor.

1. Extend the arms at the elbows as your bring the tubing toward the ceiling. Keep upper arms stable, parallel to the floor.

2. Return to starting position in a slow and controlled manner.

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3. Standing Biceps Curl

3. Standing Biceps Curl

(Works biceps)

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent with the resistance tubing under both feet. Grasp the handles in each hand with the palms facing up.

1. Bend both arms at the elbows as you bring the tubing toward your shoulders. Keep your elbows at your sides throughout the exercise.

2. Slowly lower to starting position. Avoid locking elbows.

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4. Standing Front Raise

4. Standing Front Raise

(Works anterior fibres of the deltoid)

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and abdominals tight, tubing looped under feet.

1. Hold the tubing with your palms facing backward, arms at sides. Slowly raise straight arms in front of you until your hands are at the same height as your shoulders. Do not lift past your shoulders and keep your neck muscles relaxed.

2. Hold and return to starting position slowly.

Jesseny Rojas is a personal trainer who uses a multi-disciplinary approach to empower individuals with a sense of ownership over their health, fitness and overall well-being.

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