4 healthy hot drinks to keep your warm

Warm up on cold winter days with these delicious and healthy hot drinks

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bredan brzier altte

Vanilla Chai Latte

Start chilly winter mornings with a delicious, hot bevvy that’s also packed with protein. This all-in-one nutritional Vega One Vanilla Chai Latte from Brendan Brazier is simple, easy and yummy!

Get the recipe: Vanilla Chai Latte

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fresh restaurant

The Deep Immune

Sweet and spicy, this exotic drink from Fresh Restaurant in Toronto will boost your immune system and keep you warm through the winter.

“Chywanprash, a 2,000 year-old recipe first documented by the ancient Indian sage Charaka, is an Ayurvedic sweet and spicy paste of 49 plants, fruits, roots, herbs and minerals,” says Fresh Restaurant’s founder Ruth Tal. “It’s widely used in India as a daily immune enhancer and has a high concentration of vitamin C.”

Get the recipe: The Deep Immune

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Mulled Cider and Cranberry

Mulled Cider and Cranberry

Both apples and cranberries are at their best in the cooler months. This recipe brings together these two great flavours to make a delicious warm drink.

Get the recipe: Mulled Cider and Cranberry

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Hot Chili Chocolate

Hot Chili Chocolate

Warm up a cold winter day with a cup of this spicy hot chocolate. The added chili peppers give this drink an extra boost of vitamins A and C.

Get the recipe: Hot Chili Chocolate


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