3 snack bars to stash in your gym bag

On the run? Stash one of these bars in your purse or gym bag to curb hunger

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Vega Snack

These gluten-free bars from Vega (created by Canadian triathlete Brendan Brazier) are great between meals. There are five flavours; the Cashew Coconut has 3 g protein, 220 cal­ories and 7 g sugars. ($2.50 each, $30 per box of 12; myvega.com)

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SoLo Energy Bar

These high-protein, low-glycemic bars from Canadian company SoLo GI Nutrition help keep blood sugar stable. There are five flavours; the Dark Chocolate Mandarin has 10 g protein, 190 calories and 20 g sugars. ($30 per box of 12, soloenergybar.ca)

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Nature Valley Lunch Box

These peanut-free bars have just 90 cal­ories and 5 grams of sugar. Each has 8 grams of whole grains. They are available in two flavours: Berry and Chewy Chocolate Chip. ($3.50 per box of five, naturevalley.com)


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