3 reasons to get a pair of workout gloves

They aren’t just for hard-core fitness buffs. Workout gloves are a good idea for anyone, even if you’re only using five- to 10-pound hand weights. Here’s why

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1. They’ll help you get stronger

“If they are made of sweat-wicking synthetic materials, you will have a more secure grip and can lift more weight,” says Liz Neporent, co-author of Fitness for Dummies, Fourth Edition.

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2. They may keep you from getting sick

“The gloves create a barrier between you and germs,” says Neporent. But wash gloves often, according to the care directions on the tag (use hot water if possible).

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3. They’ll protect your hands

“They save your manicure, and they won’t let the weights rough up your skin,” says Neporent. Look for ones that wick away sweat and have padding on callus-prone areas: palms, and the insides of the thumbs.

Try: Nike Women’s Elite Fitness Gloves (polyester, synthetic leather, rubber, nylon), $35, nike.com.

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