Men in the Canadian beauty industry

It’s not just women who are spearheading beauty brands; some of Canada’s up-and-coming lines are run by men

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Indeed Labs

Indeed is the team-up effort between chemist Adel Rammal, 40, formerly of Christian Dior, and dermatologist Dr. Nowell Solish. Says CEO Jeffery Wagstaff (pictured): “We take the concepts that go into prescription skin products and reformulate them so they work just as well.” Sold at Shoppers Drug Mart, Nanoblur smoothing cream, Snoxin anti-aging serum and peptide-rich Peptalash lash thickener pack a lot of science in small packages.

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Consonant Body Organic Skincare

Former ad agency exec Bill Baker, 50 (pictured), struggled with finding products for his sensitive skin. So he called on a high-school chum who was a chemist and the two created Consonant, which makes face and body products (for men and women) without synthetic ingredients or parabens and with as many organic ingredients as possible. It’s sold online and at their Toronto store. HydrExtreme for extremely dry skin was originally created for women recovering from radiation treatment.

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Mario Verrilli, 40 (pictured), owner of Onaré Salon in Mississauga, Ont., wanted more effective salon products with few synthetic ingredients. He found a chemist to help develop the Saijojo line ( “Saijojo” is one of the five types of Zen) of hair products; they contain no sulfates or artificial fragrance, and use bio polymers instead of plastic polymers. Saijojo sells at hair salons.

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