3 Healthy Reasons to Have Chocolate Daily

We love chocolate – and according to the latest studies, there are even more healthy reasons to eat it than we previously thought. Read on for the health benefits of chocolate

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Why chocolate is healthy

We all know that dark chocolate has lots of health benefits, but the exact reason hasn’t been clear – until now.

New research, presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society, shows that when we eat dark chocolate, our good gut bacteria turns it into anti-inflammatory compounds. “When these compounds are absorbed by the body, they lessen the inflammation of cardiovascular tissue, reducing the long-term risk of stroke,” lead study author John Finley said in a press release.

It’s not just good for our hearts, either. Previous studies have shown that it could be good for our brain health – and even be as effective as prescription mood drugs!

Read on for two more reasons to eat chocolate every day.

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Chocolate vitamins

Well, this just brings life to a whole new healthy level. Each Deco Adult Dark Chocolate Multivitamin contains essential vitamins and minerals, which are well absorbed thanks to the high-quality fats in natural chocolate. Each square has 36 calories. Take one or two daily with food. Deco also makes a children’s version (made with milk chocolate) and a “menopause relief” version. (At health food stores; $46-$62 per box of 56 squares; platinumnaturals.com)

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Chocolate pills

Thanks to a delicious new study, there might be pills in the future that we’re actually excited to take: Chocolate ones.

The study, funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and Mars Inc. will look at the benefits of cocoa flavanols and their ability to help prevent heart attacks and strokes. The pills would have all the benefits of cocoa – without the sugar and fat that come along with eating a chocolate bar.

“In smaller studies, cocoa flavanols have been linked to improvements in intermediate risk factors for heart disease,” Dr. JoAnn Manson, who will be the lead author of the study, told Digital Journal.

While a chocolate pill won’t be available any time soon, you can still enjoy cocoa for its health benefits (in moderation, of course!) while you wait.

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