3 green dish soaps that work

We tried three "green" dish detergents on dirty dishes left out for hours. Here’s what we found

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Attitude Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

Attitude Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

This detergent is certified eco-friendly and has no phosphates, chlorine or dyes.

Tested on: a bowl used for pesto and a breakfast smoothie glass with stubborn raspberry seeds.

“I prefer detergents that are easier on the environment, but I find they don’t always work well. This was one of the good ones. It got all my dishes clean, even the ones that had been sitting in the dishwasher for a couple of days.”
-Kat Tancock, web editor

$8, 520 g (26 pouches)

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Palmolive Ultra Oxy Plus

Palmolive Ultra Oxy Plus

This phosphate-free dish soap uses oxygen to lift baked-on foods from dishes and pans.

Tested on: caked-on dessert bowls and a roasting pan.

“Instead of soaking my used dinner dishes right away, I let them dry out and then washed them by hand with this soap the next morning. With two wipes of a dishcloth, the glass bowls were clean. For the pan, I had to use a sponge to get the same clean results.”
-Lisa Hannam, associate editor

$3, 625 mL

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Dawn Plus with Power Scrubbers

Dawn Plus with Power Scrubbers

This dish soap contains no phosphates, and a portion of sales goes to wildlife charity.

Tested on: a glass lasagna pan and a frying pan used to cook eggs.

“I was very impressed with this dish soap. It’s great for dishes that would normally need a bit of scrubbing. I put less muscle into cleaning my pans, and the eggs came off easily. I liked that it didn’t try out my hands, even though I wasn’t wearing rubber gloves.”
-Sun Ngo, acting art director

$3, 561 mL

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