3 ab-blasting workouts

Trying to tone your tummy and sculpt sexy abs? Here are three ab-blasting workouts to help you get a flatter stomach

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Say hello to sculpted abs

Forget those late-night informercial gadgets and their promises of sexy abs for only three payments of $39.95. The truth is, if you want to shed excess abdominal fat and show off a firm, flat stomach, you’re going to have to work for it. Here are three easy ab-blasting workouts that will help you look and feel your best.

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The 5-step workout

Too busy to spend hours at the gym? This quick and convenient workout will help define and flatten your abs in no time.

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partner abs

The partner workout

Make ab work more fun with this 8-move workout for couples, friends and workout partners.

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The lifestyle bootcamp

These easy-to-follow tips will help you achieve a flatter stomach-and an all-around healthier lifestyle while you’re at it.

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standing yoga pose

Get creative!

Who wants to spend hours a day doing crunches over and over? Think outside the box and start training like a Hollywood celeb. Pop singer Pink scored her rock-hard stomach by incorporating ab-blasting workouts like AntiGravity Yoga into her fitness regime.

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