10 Ways To Walk More (Get More Steps On Your Smart Watch) Without Even Trying

Walking does lots of good things for the body, such as avoiding weight gain. Here is how you can sneak in some steps so you walk more without even noticing.

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walk more tips, woman walking down the street
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You can walk more, without even noticing

Here are 10 ways to get more exercise without hitting the gym and, at the same time, meet more people in your community:

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walk more avoid escalators, woman in a mall in front of escalators
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Hello stairs!

1. Say no to escalators.

Don’t waste your time at the gym – these are the best machines for weight loss.

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walk more stand at work, two women in an office building talking in the hallway
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More face time

2. Walk over and talk to a colleague instead of calling or emailing.

Avoid sitting at your desk is easy with these tips.

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walk more find a walking buddy, thre women holding hands before a hike
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Motivating friends

3. Find a walk buddy. A walking partner can be a strong incentive to walk daily, especially when the sky is grey or you find another excuse not to.

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walk more take the scenic route, a woman hiking on a beautiful fall day
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It is an excuse to get outside

4. Take the scenic route. There are apps (try Kamino and Field Trip) that will tell you not the fastest route but the prettiest.

Need some inspiring scenery? We’ve rounded up the best hiking routes in Canada.

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walk more walking wednedays, a woman walking up city stairs
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Forget #thowbackthursday

5. Make Wednesdays Walking Wednesdays: A day when your family, friends or just you go for an after-dinner stroll.

Want to try running? Check out our walk-to-run training program.

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walk more coin flip, a woman about to flip a coin to decide her route
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Enough with making decisions for today

6. Go on a coin-flip safari. This is a great way to get to see new parts of your neighbourhood. We tend to walk the same routes when we go for a stroll so, next time, take a coin with you and, at every junction, let the coin decide where you go. Getting to know your neighbourhood better will make you feel even more at home there, and you might discover new places where you love to go.

Have you tried Mindful Walking?

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walk more listen to podcasts, a woman outside listening on headphones
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Listen to this…

7. Bring a podcast. If you are by yourself, you can also listen to one of the many great free ones. My favourites are RadioLab and This American Life.

Also, download some motivating Canadian workout music.

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walk more don't wait in a waiting room, a woman outside a building deciding what she will do
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Do not wait for anyone

8. Walk, don’t wait. If you arrive early for an appointment – at the doctor’s, for example – take a walk around the block rather than simply sitting in the waiting room.

You do not want to catch sitting disease.

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walk more coffee date, two women walking and drinking coffee
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Coffee dates with a twist

9. Meet your friends for a walk, not a coffee – or just have the coffee while you’re walking.

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walk more walking group, a group of friends walkign together
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No need to go alone

10. Join a walking group or a hiking club. There might already be a walking group in your neighbourhood – if not, ask your neighbours if they are interested in forming one.

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Walking = Lykke = Happiness

Excerpted from The Little Book of Lykke by Meik Wiking. Copyright © 2017 by Meik Wiking. Published by Penguin Canada, a division of Penguin Random House Canada Limited. Reproduced by arrangement with the Publisher. All rights reserved.

Want to be happier? Of course you do. Here are more Scandiavian tips on achieving lykke.

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