10 ways life’s better when you’re fit

We know exercise will help us live longer, be happier and sleep better. But sometimes the other little everyday bonuses are what keep us motivated. Here are 10

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guilt free dessert

You can indulge

You know that you can say “yes” to dessert without feeling guilty.

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couple walking date young

You get to know your neighbourhood

You stay up to date on which shops are opening and closing on streetscapes in your city or town, since you walk past them on your way to work rather than zooming by on a bus or in a car.

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bike biking

You can bike to your destination

You welcome the idea of travelling distances on your bike rather than taking the car.

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whole food peanut butter

You’re stronger

No more asking, “Honey, can you open this jar for me?”

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sunhat smiling gardening

Chores become fun

Gardening is no longer a back-breaking chore but a welcome workout in the fresh air.

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You look-and feel-great

It’s summer, and your legs are bare under your dress…but-hooray!-your thighs no longer rub together when you walk. And those strappy sandals complement your toned calves.

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woman running

You can solve problems more easily

You can troubleshoot more easily. Here’s how: Before a run or gym workout, “assign” yourself the task of solving a problem you’ve been having at work or with a relationship. By the end of your fitness session, you may well have figured out how to deal with it.

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confident bedroom bed woman sex relationship

Your confidence is boosted

You don’t cringe with self-consciousness when your partner embraces you and runs his hands down your sides.

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city run running

You can sign up for that race

You feel confident you can participate in that fundraising 5K walk or run.

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sleep health

One word: Sleep

You sleep solidly. That alone is worth the effort to get fit for life.

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