Megan Wood

Megan Wood


I Tried a Theragun Massage Gun for Back Pain—Here’s My Review

A percussion massage gun can provide back pain relief and loosen tight muscles, but there are important things to keep in mind. For one, you should use them with caution and avoid using one on an injured part of the body.

I Tried a Rebounder Trampoline for At-Home Workouts and Here’s What It’s Like

A fun workout you can do at home in a small space? Sign me up. Here's what happened when I exercised on a rebounder trampoline—sometimes called a fitness trampoline or mini trampoline—for more than three months.

I Tried YogaToes and They Did Help My Foot Pain

YogaToes are gel toe separators that stretch and straighten your toes to help prevent foot pain. I wore them for 90 days and here's what happened to my feet as a result.