Your Hot-Weather Hair Rules

Stop colour from fading, beat frizz, and more, with these summer hot-weather hair tips

Your Hot-Weather Hair Rules

We caught up with Rob Pizzuti, international brand ambassador for Pai-Shau and master colourist with Blyss Salon in Toronto, to get the scoop on maintaining your summer tresses.

Is it true that summer sun can damage coloured hair?

Yes, the sun’s rays fade your colour – just like anything left in the sun – and the heat dries it out. Once that happens, your hair will leak colour and moisture through tiny dry cracks, leaving the outside layer looking dull.

What are your best tips for protecting colour from the sun?

There are brilliant new serums that trap moisture in the hair and seal the outside layer. Look for products that promote SPF and add moisture. The best of them are super-refined and will feel like silk in your hands. Most importantly, these serums will completely soak in. This new technology for protection is essential to keeping everyone’s hair shining bright and looking spectacular.

How does chlorinated water hurt hair?

Here’s what happens: If you let pool water dry your hair, only the water evaporates and the chlorine sits there, eating away at your hair and turning it that telltale greenish hue. The solution? Just rinse with water – even a garden hose – to flush most of it out and you can get back to the sun in record time. Shampoo it when you can.

Is salt water any different?

Salt water is better than chlorine, but I would not let it sit on your hair too long.