This Is The Absolute Worst Lie Your Partner Could Ever Tell You

If your partner lies about this, your relationship could be doomed, say experts. And it is a surprisingly common disagreement for couples.

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The worst lie isn’t what you think it is

Every relationship has a rocky phase every once in awhile. The good news is that the occasional quarrel shouldn’t be cause for concern. It’s even okay to lie to your partner sometimes, believe it or not. But financial infidelity could be the worst lie for your relationship – and you should avoid it at all costs.

What is financial infidelity?

Financial infidelity, or lying to your significant other about finances and money, can poison a relationship, according to Cary Carbonaro, managing director at the wealth management firm United Capital and author of The Money Queen’s Guide: For Women Who Want to Build Wealth and Banish Fear. You should never tell these lies in relationship, either.

“Money is a litmus test for your relationship,” Carbonaro told Mel Magazine. “If you have money issues, you’re gonna have relationship issues.” That especially goes for hiding debt or a secret bank account, she says.

This form of fibbing is alarmingly common, too. According to a 2016 Harris poll, 42 per cent of people in couples commit some form of financial infidelity in their relationship.

What lies do some people say about money?

What’s more, a recent survey by found that 12 million people have a secret bank or credit card account they keep concealed from their partner. And financial infidelity has a negative impact on a relationship 75 per cent of the time, the Harris poll reported.

That said, this lie can be overcome. And actually, money is one topic that even happy couples fight about. If it gets out of hand, couple counselling – and even financial counselling – can help. Positive changes in your relationship always help.

You can also create a financial plan that benefits you both and your family. Take these steps to setting money goals with your partner.

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