Why I’m running for the cure

MOVE YOUR ASSSSSSSSSS… that’s my new mantra… I knew Nike wouldn’t use it in the marketing campaign to get people

MOVE YOUR ASSSSSSSSSS… that’s my new mantra… I knew Nike wouldn’t use it in the marketing campaign to get people motivated. It doesn’t sound cool like “JUST DO IT”. I have a 40-something-year-old-ass (my husband says it’s cute), but I think he just says that because he loves me (or wants a little something). I know it has a few extra wobbles to it, when I move to and fro – there is only so much that the Spanx panties can do to lift, separate and condense! Then comes the moment when you have to look in the mirror and have a serious talk with your ASS… and say ASS, it’s time to move it.

I have slowly started back running and have guilted my dear husband to join me… he’s not lovin’ this at all. He runs beside me panting, sweating, growling, farting… kind of like a big, friendly St. Bernard dog. This is when I know he really loves me. I have to bribe him with “treats” like… okay, honey, if we do this run, we can go to the magazine store later to get your favourite trucking mag. We are in week 4 of moving our asses… we hurt, we complain, and we are trying get at least three 30-minute runs in a week. These are not beautiful, graceful runs, they are walk-run-walk intervals, where all the neighbours get to witness our struggles and shake their heads as we plod by.

I have set myself a goal this year to run in the CIBC Run For the Cure in October (and dear husband said he would join me!). I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in May 2006, missed over a year of work, and attended to over 100 medical appointments while I was off. I’d never thought I would participate in a breast cancer event, ever. First off, for some strange reason now I can’t stand the colour pink and I never wanted to be a breast cancer ra, ra girl… but – of course, there is always a but – when I look at all those people who are ra, ra, raing for me, trying to find cures for breast cancer, how can I sit on the sidelines? I look at all the women who have died for me, so that I could be sitting here today writing this letter… and I think about the women I sat beside during treatment when I now see their faces in the obituary pictures of the Calgary Herald. In some ways I feel like I have been branded with the breast cancer symbol on my forehead, it’s not a symbol anyone would EVER want, but it’s mine, and I own it and I have a voice to help make a difference.

My personal goal is not to raise money… my goal is to speak to women (and men, as they get breast cancer too) and get the message out there that there are simple lifestyle changes that you can make today, this very minute, to reduce your chances of getting cancer. In Alberta, 30 percent of men and women will have some type of cancer in their lifetime… yes, I learned that little statistic at my first orientation session at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. 30 percent… oh, my god… imagine that!

Gotta run….have a good day, y’all.


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