Why I’m not a fan of Facebook photos

Ugh, it happened again. I got tagged in a photo where I don’t think I look my best. While my


Ugh, it happened again. I got tagged in a photo where I don’t think I look my best. While my first thoughts are to destroy my Facebook account or de-tag these unflattering pics, I figured out my solution: fix my posture.

An eight-hour day at my desk, along with an hour-and-a-half commute, has rounded my shoulders, shortened my neck, and pushed my belly out. Instead of looking 5’7′, I’ve lost an inch or two. And to be honest, I don’t look as confident as I could, or as feminine either.

But I don’t want to dwell on the negative, and I’ve decided to turn to this pic as a source of inspiration. I’m going to stand taller (and sit taller, too).

Physiotherapist Peter Curtain, from Dunbar Physio in Vancouver, says to take notice of your posture daily to prevent future neck and back pain.

At your desk, Curtain says to ‘get your bottom well back into your chair. When you think it’s as far as it can go, push it back a half-inch. You can’t collapse your body as much if you let your muscles relax because you’re being held up by the chair against the small of your back.’ That extra half-inch makes the difference, he says. (I’m doing this right now and it’s working!)

As for when you’re standing, like I should have done in the above photo, ‘lift your sternum’your chest bone’up and forward. That straightens out the spine and lets the shoulders roll down and back. Hold your head over the spine.”

I’m hoping to post a picture of myself standing properly to show you the difference. Stay tuned’

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