Which hair removal method is best for you?

With summer in high gear, quick and easy hair removal is on everyone’s mind. Find out which method of hair removal is best for you

Which hair removal method is best for you?

Source: Web exclusive, August 2011

At-Home Waxing

While this can be a challenge for some, there are tons of great products out there to make waxing your own legs easier than ever.  Opt for a wax that boasts salon-quality results. Water soluble waxes will work best for thin hair. If you have thicker hair, choose oil soluble wax instead. You can clean up quickly by wiping excess wax off surfaces with good old-fashioned nail polish remover.  For best results, apply lukewarm wax in the same direction as the hair, place a cotton strip on top, press down gently and peel back against the hair.

PROS: Waxing works well for anyone who has a lot of thick hair and wishes to eventually get rid of it for good. With each wax, hair thins out. After several years of waxing, hair will stop growing back.

CONS: Waxing is painful and can cause redness and irritation to the skin. To ease the pain, you can always apply numbing cream beforehand. Also, look for products with tea tree oil and aloe vera to apply afterward to reduce redness and irritation.

Suggestion: MOOM Organic Hair Removal System ($49.90) available online at MOOM.ca.


Shaving is a quick and easy way to get rid of unsightly hair from the legs and underarms. If you’re about to head out and just realized your legs are looking a little too hairy, you can grab a razor and get rid of that hair instantly.

PROS: Shaving is very quick and when the appropriate multi-blade razor and shaving cream are used, your skin will be left feeling silky smooth. Plus, you don’t have to wait for hair to grow out before removing again.

CONS: Hair often grows back thicker and quicker when you shave so if you’re going to turn to shaving, be sure you’re ready for the amount of work it takes to maintain hair-free skin.

Suggestion: Gillette Venus Embrace Razor ($15.99)

Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal (IPL)

Commonly referred to as laser hair removal, IPL is a form of permanent hair removal that involves heat rather than the radiation which is often emitted by certain lasers not approved by the FDA. IPL is a pulsated light that burns away the hair follicle and is completed after several treatments on specific areas every four to six weeks.  This is best performed in a professional salon.

PROS: This option can result in permanent hair removal.

CONS: IPL hair removal can be costly and is generally only up to 85 percent effective, which means some hair may remain even after treatments are completed. Also, women who are pregnant are not encouraged to undergo IPL treatments because their hormone imbalances make it difficult for successful treatment, though it has not been proven harmful to the fetus in any way.

Suggestion: Visit a professional salon for details.

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