What’s online from Best Health’s September 2010 issue

Looking for more beauty tips, recipes and fitness ideas? Find more from Best Health’s September 2010 issue and share your thoughts with us right here

What's online from  Best Health's September 2010 issue

What’s new at besthealthmag.ca

How healthy is your heart? Check out our special Heart Health section to find the answer and learn how a few small lifestyle changes can make a big difference when it comes to preventing heart disease.

Get fit the old-school way with this phys-ed-inspired workout, complete with video demonstrations of each move.

Wondering what people eat for breakfast in China? Check out these breakfast rituals from around the world.

New & Now

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
Here’s what you need to know about ovarian cancer and its treatment

Look Great

32 The Instant Beauty Fix
Check out these simple ways to improve your posture.

37 Kick That Bad Beauty Habit (The Sequel)
Have trouble keeping your cosmetics in order? Here’s how you can organize your makeup bag.

42 Lighten Your Load
Stiff muscles from carrying around a heavy purse or laptop bag? Try this new way to stretch out back pain.

46 Paradise, Home and Away
Learn Best Health’s secrets to getting your money’s worth at the spa.

53 Beauty Under the Sea
Really effective or just a marketing gimmick? Here’s the truth about antioxidants and your skin.

56 It Worked for Me
Need a little extra support for your workout? Here’s how to find the best sports bra for you.

Get Healthy

60 Take the Vichy Best Health Challenge
Looking for a challenge? Try these great workouts.

67 Five Health Assumptions to Avoid
Think you’re making healthy choices? Here are five habits you thought were healthy, but aren’t.

78 His Health
Here’s how your guy can protect himself from heart disease.

Eat Well

82 Peppers Galore
Looking for new ways to cook with peppers tonight? Try our delicious healthy pepper recipes.

85 Swap & Drop
Yes, you can drop pounds without giving up tasty snacks. Try these 10 snacks that will help you lose weight.

88 Simple, Elegant Meals
From tasty appetizers to delectable comfort food, give one of these recipes from fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein a try.

92 The Truth About Processed Meats
Want to cut down on processed meats? Opt for these fresh, healthy lunch and dinner recipes instead.

102 Quick Fixes
Short on time? Try one of our 20-minute main dishes.

Embrace Life

115 My Kids, the Food Police
Fast-food for dinner? Make sure you’re not taking home one of Canada’s worst fast-food meals.

118 Ask A Sex Therapist
Do you want more sex than your man? Get a guy’s perspective on sex and relationships.

123 The Growing Pains of Change
Work on your green thumb with these 4 fall gardening tasks.

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