What’s online from Best Health’s October 2010 issue

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What's online from Best Health's October 2010 issue

Source: Best Health Magazine, October 2010

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p. 9 Did you know? Your mom can actually help lower your stress levels. Surprised? Learn more strange-but-true health tips.
Can you eat well when you’re busy?
Absolutely. Find out how.
Banish bad hair days with these tips on how to straighten your hair.

New & Now

p. 20 Just three or four Brussels sprouts have more than enough of your daly vitamin C and K needs. Lean 11 ways to cook dark green vegetables.
p. 23 Check out lots of great tips on how to care for your oral health.
p. 26 Think you can dance? Learn how to get a ballet dancer’s body.

Look Great

p. 31 Tone Up with Tubing Find more easy-to-do toning exercises in the Best Health Home Workout book plus DVD.
p. 40  Home Shopping Parties Need some new lingerie? Lean 8 secrets to shopping for shapeware.
p. 42  Help Me, Rhonda! Post your beauty questions for Rhonda.
p. 45  Home Run Learn how to colour your hair with our top 10 haircolour tips.

Get Healthy

p. 66  Power Plants Some spices also have medicinal properties. Learn about 7 spices that heal.
p. 76 "Oh my aching back!" Learn a new way to stretch out back pain at work.

Eat Well

p. 87 Perfect Pears Check out our besth healthy pear recipes.
p. 88  Whole-Life Makeover, Part Two See Cora’s home-workout plan, check out dietitian Sue Mah’s tips for lightened-up baking and get 15 delicious low-calorie recipes.
p. 92 Portion & Pack Get 7 suprising ways to cut portion sizes.
p. 97 Viva Italia! Enjoy a taste of Italy whithout leaving home with 5 healthy Mediterranean platters.
p. 106 Community Kitchen Share your healthy recipes.
p. 109 Quick Fixes Find hundres of healthy recipes.

Embrace Life

p. 110 Trick or Treat! Get 10 tips for a healthy Halloween.
p. 120 Bonding Over Beauty Find out what men really think of health spas.