These Are The Most Common Sexual Fantasies

It's normal to fantasize. In fact, 90 percent of women do.

sexual fantasies couple in bedPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

If you have sexual fantasies, you’re among the 90 percent of adult women who do. That’s according to Brett Kahr, a British psychotherapist and author of Who’s Been Sleeping In Your Head? His analysis of the sexual fantasies of more than 20,000 British and American adults reveals that many people fantasize as a way to lift their spirits, and a means of exploring sexual activities inaccessible in real life.

One particularly eye-opening stat: about 90 percent of adults fantasize about someone other than the person they’re having sex with—for a substantial amount of lovemaking time. (This is exactly how long women want sex to last.) Other surprising findings:

A team of scientists at the University of Montreal explored some of the differences between the sexual fantasies men have compared to women. The scientists polled 1,517 adults about their sexual fantasies and published the findings in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, reports Business Insider. Women were found to fantasize more about having sex in a specific location or with a stranger, while men fantasized more about anal sex and receiving oral sex. Both men and women were about equal when it came to fantasizing about participating in group sex. (Curious about using cannabis to heighten your sexual experience? Here’s what to know about cannabis as a sexual aid.)

So, don’t worry, your fantasies are very likely totally normal and in most cases, a rich sexual fantasy life can actually enhance your romantic relationship rather than weaken it, say experts.

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