What Are Period Panties?

The period underwear game just got strong. It’s no longer about what’s comfortable or “big.”

period panties, a sketch of granny pantiesillustration credit: shutterstock

I’m outing every woman. Not just women I know, but all of us. We all have period underwear.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. Regardless if you call them period panties, time-of-the-month unmentionables or menstrual gitch, we each have at least one pair tucked in our lingerie drawer.

They’re usually resembling some sort of “granny style,” with a higher waist, a thicker waistband, a longer crutch (that cotton gusset), and more back coverage than our usual boy shorts, cheekies or thongs could offer. And no matter what type of “protection” we use for our periods, from tampon to pad, to washable pads to menstrual cups, we all have period panties and wouldn’t risk our best lingerie certain days of the month.

But one company is trying to save us some money with our monthly expenses by creating period underwear that takes care of Aunt Flow too.

Knixwear has launched its Knixteen line. A thin panty with an absorbent crutch (made with proprietary carbon cotton) that promises to hold up to three teaspoons of menstrual blood and dry much faster than our daily undies. A regular pad or tampon holds about two teaspoons of that blue liquid (aka menstrual blood). The design also has a protective layer up the backside, so that no “accidents” happen and your favourite jeans aren’t ruined.

It’s targeted to teens with light-ish flows. And it’s to be used as “backup” for when pads or tampons leak. They’re available in bikini and boy shorts. (What no granny??!)

Knixwear has had its leak-proof line for a few years now (it launched in 2013), and I once received a pair. They’re like Spanx with a spongey crutch. So, the fit is snug and they look completely like normal shapewear – except more comfy.

Another admission: I do have a leak-proof pair. I wore them on that “last day” of the cycle. I had an 8K race and just couldn’t deal with running with a tampon or a pad for a mere “spotting day.” It was fine. No clothing was ruined.

Knixteen bikini brief, $19 at knixteen.ca.

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