Water is the real magic ingredient

I recently went away for one night to a small resort. It was a chance to get away with my


I recently went away for one night to a small resort. It was a chance to get away with my husband, get a much-needed night of solid sleep, some rejuvenating spa treatments and celebrate his birthday (okay, that was the real reason we went, but there needed to be something in it for me too!). I booked a facial for myself because it isn’t something I usually do and my skin was in desperate need of some attention.

During the "examination" of my face the esthetician told me that my skin was severely dehydrated. That was probably causing the finer lines in my face to look more like trenches. She advised me that I needed to drink a lot more water’especially if I was consuming caffeine throughout the day. The other thing she pointed out was that the area from below your nose to your chin is where your skin shows horomonal changes. I didn’t know that. I thought it made sense though’considering my propensity for breaking out in those areas (still!) when it’s that time of the month.

I’ve also never used a scrub that didn’t have grittiness to it because I’ve always assumed it wasn’t doing much for me. She used an enzyme scrub on me that literally "eats" away the dead skin cells. Cool. And it really worked because my skin felt silky. So, of course, I bought all of it. I’m a marketers dream when it comes to promises of beautiful skin.

The real key for me though is I’ve noticed a difference in my skin since I’ve upped my water intake throughout the day. Where I notice it most is the skin on the back of my hands. In the morning the skin appears crepey, but after my first two large glasses of water I notice the crepey look is gone and the skin doesn’t seem as dry. I think I’ve noticed the same thing with the finer lines on my face too, the jury is still out on all the cosmetics I bought though. But at least water is free!

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