3 Vitamin C Serums to Brighten Your Complexion

Could this powerful antioxidant be the key ingredient you've been missing in your skincare regime?

Vitamin C SerumPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

You know you need vitamin C on your plate to keep your heart and immune system strong. But did you know the antioxidant is also vital to skin?

Vitamin C, which is often listed in beauty products as ascorbic acid or citrus peel, may help with collagen production, to treat discolouration from sun damage, and to reduce further damage by fighting off free radicals. (Find out the truth about what collagen really does for your skin and hair.) If you need to undo the effects of summer sun exposure, start slathering on the C — and we’ve got a few vitamin C serums to get you started.

Vitamin C SerumPhoto Credit: Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant

This serum boasts 15 percent vitamin C for brightening, plus a complex of other antioxidants and fruit enzymes to dissolve surface skin cells, diminish sun damage and reveal a healthy glow.

C-Firma Day Serum, $80; available at Sephora.

Vitamin C SerumPhoto Credit: Dermalogica


An all-around powerhouse (it brightens, firms and reduces fine lines), plus it contains chia seed extract to amplify skin’s defence mechanisms.

BioLumin-C Serum, $118; available at Dermalogica and authorized spas, salons and skin centers.

Vitamin C SerumPhoto Credit: Reversa


Infused with 20 percent pure vitamin C, this vegan serum will help stimulate collagen production for an overall natural radiance.

Radiance-C Concentrate, $60 at Reversaand Shoppers Drug Mart.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada