Why Vogue’s Ranking of Victoria’s Secret Model Bodies Is All Kinds Of Wrong

Someone had to do it, Vogue said about its story about Victoria’s Secret bodies ranked. We rounded up the Internet’s opinion, and it’s not pretty.

Victoria's Secret bodies ranked, Grace Elizabeth walking Victoria's Secret showphoto credit: shutterstock

Victoria’s Secret bodies ranked!? Why did this happen?

Objectifying women has been a hot topic lately, especially by men in high-power jobs, it seems. But one recent source of misogyny had us scratching our heads. Vogue recently tweeted a link to a story about the “best Victoria’s Secret bodies of all time.” Yes, you read that right. The story was about Victoria’s Secret bodies ranked!?

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Now on the surface it may seem innocent enough – these women do have killer bodies and on the surface that is why they are booked for the show, after all – but with deeper analysis, it’s clear that this is just another way to make a woman’s success all about her looks. (Kim Kardashian West says that the media’s commentary about her body has given her this mental health condition.)

While you may argue that being a model is all about your looks, it’s also about your runway walk, your personality and your ability to “sell” products. And these models are real people. Putting them into a list is just insulting.

And there is also the effect that ranking women who already have ideal bodies by pop culture standards has on the rest of us, not to mention what it does to little girls.

Clearly, we weren’t the only ones to feel this way as the responses to Vogue’s tweet range from disgusted to angry and everything in between.

photo credit: twitter