3 Creative Cooking Tips to Fix Your Veggie Boredom

Plus, the kitchen tool that’s a veggie prep staple.

Vegetables, woman cookingphoto credit: shutterstock

Are you all vegged out?

Tired of the same old when it comes to vegetables, but not sure what to do with new ones? Here are some tips. (Here’s how to properly clean your veggies from pesticides.)

Tip #1: Root vegetables (Jicama, celeriac, sunchokes)

Try baking these root vegetables into chips, grating it into a batter to make latkes, boiling and puréeing it in soups, or making it into a gratin.

 Tip #2: Squashes (Carnival, delicata, honeynut)

Try roasting it stuffed with breadcrumbs and cheese, puréeing it to create the base of a pasta sauce, roasting it and using it as a topping for veggie tacos, adding the cooked purée to muffins or other baked goods.

Tip #3: Leafy greens (dandelion greens)

Try blending it with herbs for a punchy pesto, adding it into a fruity smoothie bowl, topping homemade pizza with it, or sautéing it with olive oil and garlic.

The staple kitchen tool that’ll help you prep your veggies in just mere minutes

The spiralizer. Spiralizers have surpassed the role of trendy tool and taken the status of kitchen staple. Whether you’re replacing pasta with zucchini noodles or layering thin ribbons of root vegetables into fresh salads or baked gratins, a spiralizer can prep vegetables in minutes. It can also help you use produce that you might otherwise toss, like cauliflower stems, which are perfect for making our better-for-you cauliflower crust pizza.

And if you’re craving something a little more crunchy and savoury, give this cauliflower steak recipe a try.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada