How Former Athlete The Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt Got Back In Shape

The Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt knows what it takes to win. But, like many of us, age and life get in the way. Here is how she got back into shape.

Unstoppable Tracy SchmittPhoto credit: Tracy Schmitt

Getting back in shape is hard – even for former pro athletes

Tracy Schmitt – better known as Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt – has had an amazing life. From a highly competitive sailor to becoming a motivational speaker, she is an expert at setting goals and achieving them. But, we know all too well how adulting goals (making a living and living life) can push maintaining how we look down our list of priorities – if it even stays on our list at all. But when she traded in athletic competition for speeches, she found that the pressure of her new gig (and getting older) meant gaining some weight and not feeling like herself. So, she created a #BHmoment to get back to her ol’ self again, and get fit. She recently spoke at the Top 10 Event, she inspired Here is how she did it.

Why it mattered at this point in her life

“On top of how the extra weight makes you feel with reduced energy, poor self-body image and reduced confidence, I had unbelievable self-inflicted pressure of feeling like a hypocrite because the of word athlete in my bio,” says Schmitt. Owning her own business, traveling for work, a schedule that made it impossible to eat healthy and regularly got in her way. “Compound that with a lot less physical activity than I was used to training every single day for years.”

How getting back in shape changed her life

“My life is better now because I believe it is,” she says. “The power lies in belief. I can’t lie to myself my sub conscience calls me out on it. I dream bigger, I am happier, I am richer in soul and in my pocket only because I believe it.”

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Her plan and how she got back in shape

It was back to basics. “I learned all I could about my new wellness healthy regime,” she says. She changed how she ate to be healthy and organic. She hired a health coach and go her friends and family on board.
“I wasn’t successful right off the bat,” she says. “I had to figure out how to make it work and keep at it, despite not getting the fast results I had hoped for. I did not give up just because it wasn’t working right away. I embraced the possibility it will work. Slow and steady wins the race they say. Focus on the end goal.”

And this athletic trick helped

She says visualizing herself speaking at the Top 10 Event was a big goal and that is how her #BHmoment all came together. She used “visualization” techniques to stay committed. “Seeing myself round that top mark on the race course seamlessly worked in my sailing world. How come I never applied visualization to my business life outside of sports?” she thought to herself. So she started visualizing how her new fit self would look on the stage during her motivational speech, “confidently on a well-lit stage in front of thousands in the audience with the lights dimmed looking powerful, empowered, intelligent and fit. […] I found my ‘unstoppable’ again.”

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Unstoppable Tracy Schmittphoto credit: Tracy Schmitt