The Ultimate Guide to Cooling Mattresses: Why Octave, Canada’s Best Memory Foam Mattress, Leads the Pack

Discover why the Octave mattress is the best cooling mattress for hot sleepers

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Tossing, turning, and kicking your foot out of the sheets—overheating at night is an all-too-common dilemma that disrupts our precious sleep. Besides causing discomfort, an overly warm bed can affect our health by depriving us of restorative sleep, which is crucial for mental sharpness, emotional balance, and our body’s natural healing processes.

If you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep because of overheating, you’ve likely tried to solve your problem with everything from specialty cooling sheets and fans to mattress toppers. These temporary solutions offer brief relief, but investing in a cooling mattress is a more reliable long-term solution.

With a sea of cooling mattresses to choose from, navigating the options can be daunting. We’ve created a guide to help you select a cooling mattress and show you why Octave stands out as the best mattress for hot sleepers, according to the expert mattress reviewers at

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Materials and Construction

A mattress’s materials and construction elements play a crucial role in its cooling capabilities. Polyester, for instance, is a common choice for mattress covers due to its durability and ease of care, but it’s not known for its breathability. Look for mattresses with covers blended with breathable fabrics, such as bamboo, cotton, or other specialized moisture-wicking materials. These blends are ideal for maintaining a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

The cooling properties of a mattress are determined not only by its cover, but also by its core construction. Traditional memory foam is notorious for trapping body heat and causing sleepers to feel hot. Mattress technology has evolved substantially with new materials such as gel-infused memory foam, latex foam, and open-cell foams that promote air circulation and prevent overheating more effectively than traditional foams.

Octave redefines comfort with its abundance of advanced cooling technologies. Each mattress is wrapped in a machine-washable cover woven with cooling nanofibres, crafted with CopperGel™ memory foam that is enriched with Octave redefines comfort with its abundance of advanced cooling technologies. Each mattress is wrapped in a machine-washable cover woven with cooling nanofibres, crafted with CopperGel™ memory foam that is enriched with a phase-change material designed to regulate temperature, ensuring you stay cool all night.

At the foundation of each Octave mattress, there is high-density multi-zone support foam engineered with air channels for superior airflow and designed with five pressure-relief zones, perfectly aligning with your body’s needs for deeply restorative sleep. Octave Mirage and Horizon, upgraded versions of the entry-level Vista mattress, also include a layer of aerated latex foam for breathability, and Horizon has a layer of ecoLuxe® cooling gel foam, which cushions and conforms to your body.

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Choosing the Right Firmness

The right mattress firmness is more than just a matter of comfort—it can even help you stay cool throughout the night.

Soft mattresses, even ones with cooling features, might hug you like a cozy marshmallow as you drift off, but they can trap heat and become uncomfortably warm as the night progresses. This is because foam can be sensitive to temperature. The more your body is in contact with the foam, the more likely it is to trap heat. It also means if you sleep on a cooling mattress that’s too soft, you won’t reap the full benefits of your investment.

Medium-firm cooling mattresses strike the perfect balance, minimizing body contact with the mattress and thus reducing heat retention. They’re often recommended by experts for their ability to support a wide range of sleeping positions and body types. While a medium-firm mattress alone may not provide noticeable cooling, it allows you to maximize the benefits of other cooling features, making it a must-have consideration for any cooling mattress.

Octave’s cooling mattresses are crafted to offer a medium-firm feel, blending the ideal level of support and comfort your body needs for a truly rejuvenating sleep. Octave incorporates multiple layers of advanced memory foam, designed to adapt to your preferred sleep style and provide contouring in the right places, all while ensuring you stay cool all night.

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Value for Money

Beyond the initial comfort, support, and cooling features, overall value becomes crucial in choosing your next cooling mattress. In a market flooded with options—each boasting the latest sleep innovations—it’s essential to identify which mattress genuinely delivers on its cooling promises and offers substantial value for your investment.

Each Octave model—Vista, Mirage, and Horizon—includes proven cooling features like a cool-to-the-touch CryoFusion™ nanofibre cover, CopperGel™ memory foam enhanced with phase-change material, and a base foam layer engineered with air channels for optimal heat regulation. While these features could cost thousands of dollars in other cooling mattresses, Octave mattress pricing starts from $599, with the largest and most feature-rich option sitting at a still-affordable $1,699.

With three models to choose from, you can easily find a cooling mattress that suits your needs and budget, giving you better value for advanced cooling features. Your Octave mattress purchase also includes a free comfort sleep bundle containing a mattress protector, pillow(s), sheets, and pillow protector(s).

Embrace a cooler night’s sleep risk-free with Octave’s 365-night sleep trial and 15-year warranty, and discover why Octave stands out as Canada’s best cooling mattress.