I Tried It: My Blend Regenerating Facial

Treat your skin to some post-summer rehab with a facial at Spa My Blend by Clarins.

Spa My Blend By Clarins

Your Next Must-Have Facial

Every once in a while, a spa comes along that sets the bar to a new height. Spa My Blend by Clarins at The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto is one such place. For starters, it checks all the boxes for amenities: a well-curated spa menu, complimentary water therapies and gorgeous lounges. However, its signature treatment, My Blend Regenerating Facial, is what makes for a transformative experience.

Based on lifestyle, this personalized regimen and product line of moisturizers, boosters and more has been available for a few years but just received an upgrade to include a few more luxurious steps. Wait, what? Best gets better? Uh-huh.

I was recently invited to experience this new facial in Toronto, the first Spa My Blend in the world to offer this treatment. It began with a skin analysis that explored my stress levels, diet and environment. After a few minutes of chatting over skin concerns, my therapist chose a custom blend of moisturizers and boosters. Before we got down to brass tacks, though, I was treated to a mini hot stone massage. After feeling completely relaxed, we moved on to a cleansing and double exfoliation (physical and chemical).

Then, the new steps – three machine-based therapies – were introduced. The first, My ColourBlend, is an LED mask that’s placed over your face while emitting light: red to calm, blue to purify. While that was working its magic, I was treated to a hand and foot massage. Ahh. Next up was My WaveBlend. This 12-minute treatment is basically a vibrator that is applied to the face and décolleté to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Finally, My Cryotech sealed the deal. This cooling wand uses cryotherapy to tone skin for an instant glow.

Starting at $230 for 60 minutes, this is definitely a great way to treat your skin to a little post-summer rehab.