Trend Alert: Would you pay to take a nap in public?

When was the last time you felt  so exhausted at work that no amount of caffeine and sugar seems to


When was the last time you felt  so exhausted at work that no amount of caffeine and sugar seems to help? Probably quite recently, since more than 3 million Canadians suffer from insomnia, according to Stats Can. And wouldn’t it be great if you could just take a quick nap during your coffe break or at lunch? Unfortunately for most of us, grabbing some shut-eye at our desks with the boss around the corner is out of the question.   

However, tired workers in the financial district of London, England now have a new option if they need to take a snooze . Podtime, a London-based company, has installed several pods in the Canary Wharf business district that will provide a space where workers can recharge, reports the trends news website, Springwise,

These cylindrical pods, which resemble batteries, can be rented for £6 per half-hour session ($10 CDN) or £10 per hour ($16 CDN). Each pod measures 2.1 by 1.1 meters and is designed for one person. According Podtime’s website, the pods are fitted with high quality foam mattresses covered in faux leather, are well ventilated and are housed in a quiet room. Users are asked to only remove their jacket and shoes when using the pods but are assured that the mattresses are cleaned between each use and an excellent standard of hygiene is maintained.  

It’s well documented that getting sufficient sleep leads to happier, healthier and more productive people. And studies suggest that taking a nap before 4 pm may help increse your mental performance, decrease your chances of gaining weight and improve your sex life. So these sleep pods may be a great idea for some. But as a germaphobe who will often bring my only sheets to even the nicest of hotels, I wouldn’t ever see myself using them. 

Would you make use of these pods if they were available in your town?  Do you think this might be a solution to an increasingly overtired workforce?

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