3 Top Chef Canada Judges Reveal How They Fuel Their Bodies

How do busy food experts fuel themselves? We got the Top Chef Canada judges to dish!

Top Chef Canada judgesPhoto Credit: Top Chef Canada

Janet Zuccarini

Judge of Top Chef Canada and owner of Gusto 54 Restaurant Group.

Her take: “Food is not only the gas in your tank and your source of energy but it’s also going to either prevent or cause disease.”

Her go-to: “I focus on eating whole, mostly organic foods, like grass-fed meat in small portions, whole grains, sustainable organic fish, lots of leafy greens and colourful fruits, berries and vegetables.”

Try the energizing salad all Top Chef Canada judges love—Sugar Snap Pea and Mint Salad with Fresh Ricotta and Lemon Poppy Seed Vinaigrette.

Top Chef CanadaPhoto Credit: Top Chef Canada

Mijune Park

Judge of Top Chef Canada and creator of Follow Me Foodie.

Her take: “Food is fuel, but it’s also more than that; it’s a mood stabilizer! have you seen me hangry? Not pretty.”

Her go-to: “I love nuts, like almonds and pistachios, and fresh fruit. Complex carbs, like bananas, whole grains and sweet potatoes are not ‘evil,’ they’re important because carbs convert to main source of energy.”

Top Chef CanadaPhoto Credit: Top Chef Canada

Eden Grinshpan

A chef and Le Cordon Bleu grad (NBD) and host of Top Chef Canada.

Best fuel: “I’m always on the go, so I try to pack healthy snack, like apples, bananas, nuts and dried fruits, for me and my family to have on hand at all times.”

Best sweat: “My favourite workouts are Pilates, dance—mostly hop-hop—and yoga.”

Best zen: “My favourite way to relax is to take a hot bath, read a book and drink a fat glass of wine—preferably all at the same time.”

Best nosh: “I cook Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food, so most of the food I eat falls under the healthy category without feeling like ‘health’ food—that’s one of the reasons why I love it so much. Meals that are heavy on veggies and lean proteins, loaded with good fats and full of spices and fresh herbs are my favourite.”

Best tip: “When you grocery-shop, always start with the fresh produce section—that way, you’ll always have the fresh and healthy options in your face and avoid making bad decisions when you continue shopping.” (Plus, learn how to properly store fruits and veggies so they don’t spoil too fast.)

Originally Published in Best Health Canada