Tips for online holiday shopping

Shopping online has never been safer or easier. Here’s how to do it, and the best gifts to buy online

Tips for online holiday shopping

Source: Best Health magazine, November 2012

If the thought of trudging through the slush and dodging pedestrians at the mall is enough to make you dread the holidays, there are easier ways to cross friends and family off your shopping list. According to a 2012 American Express survey, 56 percent of Canadians plan to do their holiday shopping online this year. ‘Canadians are realizing all of the benefits that come with online shopping,’ says Canadian technology expert and author Marc Saltzman.

While security concerns may be a deterrent for those new to online shopping, ‘it has never been safer,’ says Saltzman. When making a purchase online, the company’s website should direct you to a secure connection. ‘You’ll know because in the address bar, you’ll see ‘https’ instead of just ‘http,” says Saltzman. The ‘s’ stands for secure. ‘Or there will be a little padlock at the top of the browser.’

Tech gifts to order online


‘I’m a huge fan of tablets. They’re such a great companion device, and have the bonus of hundreds of thousands of free or affordable apps.’

Smart TV

If you’re ready to upgrade your television, a smart TV is a great option. ‘Much like a tablet or smartphone, smart TVs have Internet access and apps.’

Wireless headphones

‘These headphones use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly pair with a smartphone, music player or home stereo.’

DSLR Camera

‘The newest versions have a body that’s as small as a ‘point and shoot,’ but still allow you to interchange the lens.’


If you haven’t yet switched to a smartphone, now’s the time. ‘They’re like digital Swiss army knives,’ Saltzman says. ‘They can do it all.’

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