The ultimate guide to the gym

Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain strength our guide will help you get active and make the most of your gym membership

The ultimate guide to the gym

Source: Web exclusive, September 2010

Gym Game Plan

5 ways to beat boredom at the gym
If you’re stuck in a boring workout rut or have hit a fitness plateau, it’s time for a change. Try these five tips to help beat boredom at the gym and get more out of every workout

5 ways to challenge yourself at the gym
Whether you’re bored of your lacklustre routine or you want to push past a plateau, these five techniques will help you catapult your workouts to a higher level for better overall results’and a new, fitter you

How to stay healthy at the gym

Do you know what’s lurking on the elliptical? It could be crawling with viruses and bacteria. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself from infection

7 ways to maximize your workout

Don’t worry if you only have 15 minutes to exercise. These expert-endorsed tips will help you make the most of even the shortest of workouts

How to lose a pound a week
Simply add exercise; subtract food. Here are two weeks’ worth of ideas to get started!

Gym Grief.

Five reasons to quit the gym

There’s a guest blogger at Cranky Fitness today talking about five good reasons to quit the gym. Not surprisingly, the overriding theme is our relationship with exercise.

How to be your own gym
Think you need an expensive fitness membership or tons of equipment to get in shape? Trainer Mark Lauren shares his tips on how to get fit by being your own gym

Gym Gear

6 gym-bag essentials

Accessorize your workout with the tools everyone should have in their gym bag

Find the best sports bra for you
A good sports bra is essential to a comfortable workout. Find the right sports bra for you’from A-cup to plus-size’with Best Health’s guide to shopping for sports bras

Gym Gab

‘I learned how to exercise the right way’and lost 50 pounds.’
Erin Toole had been going to the gym without results’until a gift of personal training sessions made her rethink exercise and healthy living

"I got fit thanks to a personal trainer."
After years of struggling with her weight and not exercising, Debbie Sorensen joined a gym and worked with a personal trainer to achieve her fitness goals

Bruce Krahn: Getting started with strength-training
I’ve never strength-trained before. How should I get started?

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