The truth about holiday cocktail calories

When the drink tray comes around, consider an elegant cocktail a special treat. The calories (as well as the alcohol content) really do add up

The truth about holiday cocktail calories

Source: Best Health magazine, November/December 2013; Top image: Thinkstock; Bottom image: Maya Visnyei

Pictured below, from left to right:

Manhattan, 2 oz: Made with rye and sweet vermouth: 124 calories.

Gin martini, 4 oz: Made with gin and dry vermouth: 274 calories (not including the olives). Using vodka instead of gin saves 33 calories.

Rum and eggnog, 6 oz:
This holiday favourite: 278 calories. Use low-fat eggnog to cut calories, and to slash the fat by about 75 percent. Yikes! This drink has 12 g fat (7 g of which is saturated).

Shirley Temple, 4 oz:
Made with ginger ale, ice and a splash of grenadine: 95 calories.

Champagne, 4 oz: This flute has 84 calories. White wine has 97 calories in the same size.

Fuzzy Navel, 4 oz: Made with peach schnapps and orange juice: 143 calories.

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