The Gear I’m Running Chicago Marathon With

Just the essentials.

Nike Flyknit braPhoto Credit: Nike

They say all you need to be a runner is a pair of running shoes–which is true–but in training for Chicago Marathon I found I needed a few more essential items. Here’s what I’ve been training with.

Sports Bra

Not-so-fun fact: On one of my first long runs I experienced some uncomfortable chaffing under my breasts. (Pregnancy definitely changes your body.) I had been running in a Nike Classic sports bra which usually works well for me, but didn’t necessarily do the trick for 20K+. Shortly after that run I switched to the Nike Flyknit Fe/Nom Bra and haven’t had an issue with boob chaffing since. The woven Flyknit material really conforms to and around the breasts so I didn’t have skin on skin rubbing. TMI?

Running Shoes

I previously wrote about the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo that I’ve been wearing for my speed work but I also wanted to highlight the new Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit, a super lightweight shoe built for speed.

Nike running shoePhoto Credit: Nike

Running Stroller

While I’m not running with the Bugaboo Runner on race day, it’s been a big help during my training. I found it difficult to find the time for 3-4 solo runs each week. This way, I could bring my daughter along for at least one of my shorter runs.

Photo Credit: Bugaboo

Race Fuel

After speaking with Tara Postnikoff, a nutritionist, runner, and founder of HEAL, I started bringing GU Energy Gels along on my longer runs. For any distance longer than 10K, I like to bring a bit of fuel and plenty of hydration. For race day, I’ll consume a GU Energy Gel every 30 to 45 minutes throughout my run.

GU GelsPhoto Credit: GU

Race Hydration

For hydration, Tara recommends 500 mL of fluid per hour of running. I wear a running belt with two water bottles for my longer runs. I’ll add a Nuun Hydration tab to one of the water bottles which ensures I’m also getting some electrolytes and sodium to make up for what I’m sweating out.

Photo Credit: Nuun


Lastly, I recently upgraded to the new Apple Watch Series 4 and I’ve been using it to track my runs and monitor stats like distance, pace, heart rate, and more. Check out my full review for more details!

Apple Watch Series 4 FitnessPhoto Credit: Apple

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