The art of the 2-minute shower

Get ready in mere minutes -while reducing your water footprint- with these tips for taking a quick shower

The art of the 2-minute shower

Source: Best Health magazine, January/February 2014; Image: Thinkstock

Did you know a five-minute shower uses 35 litres of water? So says Soap & Glory, U.K.-based makers of all things sudsy. It’s on a mission to conserve water by promoting the two-minute shower. Seem too quick to get clean? The trick is to shut off the tap between tasks.

Here’s the brand’s recommended breakdown:

1. Water on (40 seconds): Get warmed up and wet all over.
2. Water off: Lather up the shampoo and body wash; shave if needed.
3. Water on (40 seconds): Rinse.
4. Water off: Add hair conditioner.
5. Water on (40 seconds): Take a final rinse and you’re good to go!

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