How Does Your Sustainable Bee Garden Grow?

Bees are important for the environment, so why not make plan for a sustainable bee garden – one that bees will flock to. Here’s how.

sustainable bee garden, a bee pollinating a nasturtiumphoto credit: shutterstock

Here’s how to plan your sustainable bee garden

Pollinator bees are invaluable visitors to any garden. Lure them with flowers and they’ll stay to pollinate your edibles, like tomato blossoms, squash blooms and cucumber flowers. When choosing flower sizes, think “thrillers, spillers and fillers.” A thriller is that one focal point – a “wow” flower. Spillers spread and drape elegantly over the sides. Fillers add colour and texture – think cool foliage or less showy flowers in a complementary hue.

What to plant in your sustainable bee garden

nasturtiums + container zinnias + cosmos + rainbow Swiss chard

This combo is a pollinator bee paradise, plus a colourful treat you can eat!

Best sustainable bee garden tip:

At the nursery, source a collection of native plants – plants that are indigenous to your particular region. Look for Lorraine Johnson’s updated guide, 100 Easy-to-Grow Native Plants for Canadian Gardens.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada