Stretching For Stiffness: This Yoga Flow Will Loosen You Up

When it comes to stretching for stiffness, most of us stretch incorrectly. Here’s what you need to know to avoid injury and to loosen yourself up.

Stretching for stiffness, a woman in Warrior Iphoto credit: shutterstock

Stretching is a controversial topic. Some people swear by it. And others avoid it. But the truth is: Stretching can help you avoid injury, says Ann Green, founder of Bliss Ann Green Yoga Studio in Barrie, ON. And to achieve that you have to stretch properly. Besides, it feels so good too! Here are Green’s tips on how stretching for stiffness and avoiding injury.

Stretching for stiffness – Get warmed up!

Get your heart rate up and warm your body by doing high knees (jogging on the spot, bringing your knees to hip level), deep squats, twisting lunges (where you rotate your upper body to the side and extend your top arm in the air), jumps and toe taps (lying on your back with legs raised at 90 degrees, alternately tapping your feet on the floor).

Now go through these yoga poses

Do a gentle yoga flow. Move from warrior I (above) to warrior II. Then transition into a triangle and a twisting lunge.

Remember to repeat everything on the opposite side and pay attention to your breathing, making all movements as you exhale.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada