3 Simple Ways to Soothe Your Dry Winter Skin

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Winter SkincarePhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Winter skincare tip #1: Eat your hydration

“Have foods that are water-rich, like fruits and vegetables. Eating hydration is just as important as consuming it through beverages,” says Dr. Kristen Ma, ND, of Pure + Simple Wellness Clinics in Toronto. Try loading a sandwich with spinach and cucumber, or adding melon slices on the side.

Winter skincare tip #2: Say hello to aloe

When skin inflammation strikes, Dr. Ma whips up a custom cocktail by diluting aloe vera juice in water. “Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory. And it’s hydrating, actually full of water itself,” she says. Refer to a health practitioner for dosing guidelines tailored to your needs — this is not a case of more is better for you. “It is a mild laxative, so you don’t want to drink too much of it, and for too long.” (These are the 15 weirdest things that happen to your body during the winter.)

Winter skincare tip #3: Try a mug makeover

It’s easy to add anti-inflammatory benefits to a hot beverage. At tea time, consider the soothing powerhouse of chamomile, which is also an antioxidant, says Dr. Ma. Or shake things up with curcumin, the anti-inflammatory component of turmeric. “Make a turmeric latte. You can also incorporate it into food similarly to using cinnamon: put it on oatmeal and in smoothies.”

Originally Published in Best Health