Simple steps to a better relationship

Whether your relationship’s rocky or happy’or somewhere in between’there are steps you can take to make it even better. Try these suggestions to improve your relationship today

Simple steps to a better relationship

Source: Web exclusive: November 2008

6 reasons men say no to sex
Are you getting turned down in the bedroom? Don’t worry, it’s not about you. Here are six reasons your partner might be saying no to sex, and what you can do about them

Sex toys for healthy (and happy!) relationships
How vibrators and other sex toys can boost the intimacy in your relationship’and even your health.

Could you rebuild your relationship from scratch?

After her new partner, former Crazy Canuck skier Dave Irwin, suffered a brain injury, Lynne Harrison had to help him walk, talk’and remember who she was.

Vanilla sex: The best you’ve ever had?

One writer’and happily married man’prefers vanilla sex of the married variety to anything he experienced as a bachelor. Here’s why.

5 secrets for hot dates with your spouse

You can have it all’passion, thrills and romance’with your long-term partner . Learn how to rekindle the spark with these simple but romantic suggestions for hot dates with your spouse.

Why men fall asleep after sex

Men fall asleep after sex for several main reasons’none of which is related to you.

10 ways to green your sex life

Toss in a little green and sex can be good for the planet, too.

What’s your libido type?

Find your sexual combination’and your partner’s as well.

Are you sexually mismatched?

What to do when your libido doesn’t match your partner’s.

What do your sexual fantasies say about you?

Probably that you’re perfectly normal’find out why!

Massage tips for a happier relationship

6 steps to giving a mind-blowing massage.

20 sex secrets

Canadian women share intimate tips on toys, videos and more.

Better sex now

Three things to tell him tonight’and three things to ask.

The things men do for love

Want to inspire your guy to be more romantic? Show him these real-life stories.

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