The Safest Cooking Oils to Use for 16 Different Types of Meals

If you have one go-to-bottle of oil for all of your cooking needs, you could be putting your health at risk.

Cooking oil being drizzled into a frying panphoto credit: shutterstock

Isn’t an oil an oil?

While cooking oils are a great multi-purpose tool for any kitchen, they’re not created equal. “It’s important to remember that each oil has a unique set of properties, from nutrient status to smoke point, that makes choosing the right one an important decision,” says Sarah Morgan, MS, a functional nutritionist based in Denver, CO. “Oils have different tolerances to light, heat, and oxygen. The most sensitive oils — unsaturated fats — need to be stored and used in a such a way as to protect the beneficial compounds while other, more stable oils — saturated fats — can withstand light, heat, and oxygen.”

Here’s a little straight talk about good fats and bad fats.

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