Run for the Cure: Meet our runners

This October 5, Best Health and Reader’s Digest are joining the CIBC Run for the Cure. Find out more about our runners and how you can participate, too

Run for the Cure: Meet our runners

Source: Web exclusive: September 2008

Best Health Pink Ribbon Socks The CIBC Run for the Cure takes place this coming Sunday, October 5, and the staff at Best Health is going to be a part of it. Along with our coworkers at Reader’s Digest, we’re creating a team to run or walk 5K and raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Read on to get to know the members of our team and find out why they’re running. Inspired? Click here to donate to our team. Give $25 or more and you’ll receive a pair of Best Health pink-ribbon socks. (Quantities limited.)

Our Toronto Team

Best Health Run for the Cure Team

Kat Tancock

Web Editor
Why she’s participating: “I was inspired by one of our readers’now a blogger on the site. Jordan is a breast cancer survivor who’s training to Run for the Cure this year, despite the fatigue she’s still feeling post-treatment. If she can do it, I certainly can!”
Her goals: "Fitness is such an important component of staying healthy, and of reducing your risk of many types of cancer. I love that the Run encourages people of all shapes and sizes to get out there and move, no matter what your speed. I’m looking for inspiration from the non-runners that are participating."

Michelle Kellner

Associate Publisher
Why she’s participating: "I am walking for the millions of people whose lives have been and will be affected by breast cancer, to build awareness and to raise money to fight this illness."
Her goals: "My goal is to raise as much money and awareness as possible!"

Bonnie Munday

Why she’s participating: "I’m planning to run AND walk for the event, and am looking forward to having fun with colleagues and meeting new people, too. This should be a great day for getting in some fresh air and excercise, while doing some good for a very worthy cause."

Catherine Holder

Database Marketing & Advertising Sales Assistant
Why she’s participating: "I’m walking to support women all over the world fighting with this disease and to increase awareness."
Her goals: "To raise as much money as I can and encourage others to support this event."

Beth Agro

Account Manager
Why she’s participating: "Running is incredibly empowering; we need empowerment to quash this disease."
Her goals: "To have fun with my colleagues and bond over this incredible, essential, and emotional event."

Yvonne Xenidis

Account Manager
Why she’s participating: "Because my love lost his beloved mother, Mai Teressa Clarke, to breast cancer; because my dear cousins lost their beloved mother Helen Vasilakos to breast cancer; and because my dear cousin Leta is a survivor! And for my late dad, Peter Xenidis, ’cause I love him so, not breast cancer but CANCER and CANCER SUCKS!"

Lindsay Borthwick

Associate Editor
Why she’s participating: "I’m running to support my 26-year-old friend who is currently undergoing chemo to treat her breast cancer, and to fundraise for more research into the disease so that we can understand why such young women like her are affected and how to prevent it."
Her goals: "To run the whole 5K. It’s a day for fun and solidarity, but it’s also a great opportunity to get fit in a supportive environment."

Stephanie Han

Art Director
Why she’s participating: "I have friends who have had their close family members pass away from breast cancer and I would like to do whatever I can to find a cure for this disease."
Her goals: "To do my best to run/walk the whole 5K and make my sponsors proud."

Margaret Nearing

Senior Editor

Rhonda Rovan

Beauty Editor

Jennifer Masseau

Assistant Editor, Best Health

Jennifer Comish

Marketing & Sales Promotion Manager

Tracy Domitrovic

Account Manager

Jennifer Walker

Senior Content Editor

Our Montreal Team

Best Health/Run for the Cure/Montreal

Jayne O’Brien

Account Manager
Why she’s participating: "This is a great event whether you know someone who has been touched by this disease or not. Raising awareness and contributing my small part to a good cause is why I’m running’who knows, my drop in the bucket might just put us all over the top!"
Her goals: "I hope to run the whole 5k but my goal is to get out with my colleagues and make this event as successful as possible by showing support and being involved."

Zahra Young

Director of Marketing, E-Commerce, Partnerships, New Magazines & Series
Why she’s participating: "To raise funds for an important cause!"
Her goals: "To run the whole 5KM, to raise over $1000 and encourage my Best Health Magazine teammates."

Marika Iourachkou

Financial Analyst
Why she’s participating: "To raise awareness and to have fun! I also want to encourage young people to be health conscious at an earlier age."

Suzanne Dillon

President’s Assistant
Why she’s participating: "My Mother had breast cancer and I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t been touched by this disease in some way."
Her goals: "Support and to have fun. Thanks to Zahra for taking care of the Montreal team!"

Elaine Martin

Vice-President’s Assistant
Why she’s participating: "To support a cause that I truly believe in."
Her goals: "To walk the 5k to enjoy being with others who support the same cause, to enjoy being outside, to raise money and to have a good time."

Sean Guerriero

E-Commerce Marketing Coordinator and Series Marketing Campaign Leader
Why he’s participating: "To promote an active lifestyle, and help raise awareness of this devastating disease."
His goals: "To run the whole 5k."

Sean Boyle

Julia Correa

Lucy Dolan

Suzan Doramajian

Giovanna Elettivo

Sheila Graham

Peter Hajaly

Guylaine Martin

Peter Stockland


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