How Roxy Earle Is Busting Curvy Fashion Myths With Her New Line

Roxy Earle has officially brought her #mysizerox movement to life with the launch of her inclusive fashion line with Canadian retailer Le Château.

Roxy Earlephoto credit: Le Chateau

You may recognize Roxy Earle as one of the stars from Canada’s very own, The Real Housewives of Toronto. But since the show aired on Slice back in 2017, Earle has channelled her bold and body-positive energy into growing a supportive online community with the hashtag #mysizerox (a healthy body image is so important to her) and building her brand, Luxurious Roxy. Most recently, she’s collaborated on an inclusive fashion line with Canadian retailer Le Château.

Hoping to end the judgement that the fashion industry places on young girls and women, the Roxy Earle x Le Château line is for everyone from a size 0-22W, making this the first time women with completely different body sizes are able to shop off of the same rack. Ultimately, this makes Le Château the first-ever company in North America to do anything like this, which in the fashion industry is truly something to praise. 

As the Collaborating Creative Director, Earle wanted to make sure she designed a clothing line that offered something for those important moments in every woman’s life. “I focused on moments in my life where I’ve always been in need of something to wear, then gone on this hunt through the mall and never found anything in my size that I loved,” says Earle. “So, I wanted to give women something special for each of those moments.” Read on for some style highlights from the collection.

Fitted is fabulous

More often than not, Earle can be seen in a figure-hugging dress or outfit — and actually designing a line to flatter and hug every woman’s curves was an important and intense process. “It was a real process,” she says. Using her own body as a starting point of inspiration, it was her natural instinct to use designs that compliment her own body shape. From there, “we brought in a PhD in sizing — I didn’t even know that was a thing until I started this process — to tailor these designs to honour a woman’s body in any size.”

Prints are powerful

A busy print commands attention when you walk into a room, and with Earle’s line featuring a variety of feminine and romantic styles, it’s hard not to get in the summer mood.

Colour is everything

Forget basic black! With an entire white linen series and a colourful array of pieces featured in Earle’s collection, it’s safe to say that colour is every woman’s best friend.

Crop it like it’s hot

Earle doesn’t believe crop tops are only for those few women with abs and proves that confidence is the key to pulling off an outfit. While the Roxy Earle x Le Château line may feature a fabulous chic linen crop top, Earle also loves a good cut that sits right on the hip for just a sneak of tummy.

And there’s one thing Earle wants to make clear: Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

“Just because I’m a bigger girl, that doesn’t mean I’m not healthy,” she says.

For Earle, health and wellness is a sensitive topic, but as a “big girl” (according to society’s sizing standards) it is an important barrier for her to break down. And in order to do so, she is sharing with her followers her everyday food, wellness, fitness, and skin care routine via Instagram. “I even did a share of my fridge one day,” which she explained looks like a garden — fresh and colourful.

This is an aspect that Earle has found often gets overlooked, which is why she invests a lot of time and energy into sharing her health and wellness journey with the world. “I want to inspire them to eat whole foods and to have rich, nutritional diets that aren’t focused on losing weight, but are focused on living great lives and being happy,” she says.

And the key to happiness for Earle? Self-love — a foundation on which she bases her Instagram account around. “I talk a lot about loving yourself,” she says. “I truly believe that when you love yourself enough you will take care of your body in a way that will heal your health, your heart, your skin, and your mind and soul.” And even though she acknowledges that there are many dimensions when it comes to self-love, her ultimate goal is to teach young girls and women how to truly love themselves from the inside out, whether that be through social media or an ensemble from her clothing line.

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