Review: Oakley Rx Prescription Eyewear

Our web editor, Melissa Greer, puts Oakley’s line of prescription eyewear to the test

Review: Oakley Rx Prescription Eyewear

I’ve been wearing contacts pretty consistently for more than 10 years now. As a result, I’m no stranger to dry eyes, and other eye irritation due to contact over-use. I’ve tried to make an effort to wear my glasses more often, especially in winter when the air is much drier, but my glasses haven’t been the most compatible with my active lifestyle. I often head to a fitness class or run group directly from work and it’s inconvenient to carry around contacts and contact solution for a mid-day switch. (Between my lunch and fitness gear, I have enough to carry!)

That’s why I was excited to learn about Oakley’s line of prescription eyewear. So excited that I had to test them out. I visited Sterling Optical on Bay Street in Toronto and picked out a pair from the Nine-To-Five line (pictured above in Blue Tortoise, $190). The Nine-To-Five line is a design specific to women – perfect for my smallish face. Three-Point Fit helps them stay put, while nosepads made from Unobtanium material provide no-slip grip. In fact, sweat makes them even sticker! (One of the first things I noticed about wearing these glasses was how I never had to push them back up the bridge of my nose!) The frames are constructed from a hybrid of durable acetate (the material traditionally used for plastic-based glasses) and lightweight C-5 so they’re the perfect blend for comfort and performance.

I’ve been testing them out for a little more than a month now and I’m super pleased – and wearing glasses a lot more!

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