How Your Next Vacation Could Make a Big Difference in the World

Brett Tollman, co-founder of The TreadRight Foundation, tells us more about the big picture on sustainable tourism and how we can all travel better.

Responsible Tourism TipsPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

How To Embrace Responsible Travel

Responsible travel takes environmental, economic and sociocultural aspects of tourism into consideration and looks to establish a balance to guarantee long-term sustainability. At The TreadRight Foundation, it’s about ensuring that the destinations and communities we visit remain vibrant for generations to come, as well as actively trying to help protect and preserve wildlife.

We have one planet and nowhere else to go. We have limited and/or dwindling resources and an ever-growing global population, so we all need to be responsible and involved to reduce, reuse, recycle and help actively protect our planet.

Here’s are three ways you can incorporate responsible travel into your own vacation plans:

1. Support Local, And Keep Traditions Alive

Eat, drink and shop locally. Purchasing from local artisans gives you the opportunity to take home an authentic souvenir while also supporting heritage activities, which are vital to local economies.

2. Be Respectful And Prepared

Respecting the destination, its community and local culture can start before you depart. For example, try learning a few simple phrases in the local language, do a little research about its culture and history, and pack appropriate clothing for visits to cultural sites.

3. Tread Lightly

Help sustain the beauty of a destination by reducing your use of resources such as water, food and energy. Bring a reusable water bottle, avoid prepackaged toiletries, switch off electronics when you leave your hotel room, stick to designated trails, and leave nature and heritage structures untouched.