5 Effective Resistance Band Exercises to Help You Build Strength

Five moves, one band.

Resistance Band ExercisesPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

All you need is a resistance band to get a great workout at home

Greg Harvey, a personal trainer and founder of Fit ’N Well Personal Training in Edmonton, offers five moves to build strength with a band.

Move #1: Side squat

Loop the band in a circle around your ankles, then step to the side and lower into a squat. Stand up again, and repeat in the opposite direction.

Move #2: Standing pushup

Loop the band around your back. Grasp the ends at shoulder level and extend your arms in front of you, pushing outward. (Psst: Don’t miss these 5 exercise strategies to help reduce your risk of injury.)

Move #3: Overhead press

Sit on the centre of the band. Grasp the ends at either side of your ears and push straight up.

Move #4: Seated row

Sit on a bench, with your legs outstretched and the band looped around your feet. Grasp the ends at your sides and squeeze your shoulder blades together as you pull back.

Move #5: Lat pull-down

Wrap the band around a beam, bar or sturdy tree branch above your head. Grasp the ends with your arms extended above your head and pull down.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada