Behind The Shoe: The Reebok Floatride

Reebok spring shoe launch is a big nod to running – and shoe technology.

reebok float ride

Make no mistake. This is a loud shoe.

When I first test it out the Reebok Floatride, I note to my trainer that they’re a bit showy, thanks to the statement lacing cage and the florescent heel. “Loud is good,” he tells me, barely even blinking before telling me about how I’m going to be pacing.

After all, the truth is in the performance. And with the noise that the technology has been making, it might just have the right to be loud.

The Reebok Floatride

The goal for Reebok was a lightweight, flexible shoe that’s not only functional but comfortable. It’s a long-distance running shoe promising that you’ll feel like you’re “floating” through your run. Here are the features from Reebok:

  • Floatride Foam: A consistent cell structure that delivers the seamless integration of cushioning and responsiveness to your every move.
  • Ultraknit Upper: A seam-free construction that’s engineered to provide adaptive comfort, flexibility without compromising stability.
  • EVA Support Rim: Supportive foam rim centers balancing your foot throughout the gait cycle.
  • $180 at

Now, a knit upper isn’t new, but the combination of support and flexibility is for me. And Dan Hobson, vice president of innovation at Reebok tells me these features make a run a run, free of distractions that might typically come from shoes.

“Those insights drove the choices we made, from the seamless knit vamp, the revolutionary 3D heel cradle, and the Floatride Foam. They all come together to deliver on what the consumers were imagining.” He adds that there are no irritation points in the shoe. Sign me up!

My run with the Rebook Floatride

I have to admit, they are way more comfortable than they look. Before trying them on I felt it might be too restrictive for me because of the heel and the sole. I was told they would fit like a sock, and I would disagree. There’s more air and wiggle room with these than those sock-style running shoes offer. I did feel the “bra” heel was a bit high on my feet, and the soles had more grip than I am used to. But overall, it was a very comfortable run.

Where will the Reebok Floatride go next?

Reebok Floatride, the space boot it inspired

Shoes always have iterations, so I had to ask Hobson what I can expect next. And apparently, the Reebok Floatride technology, specifically sole innovation, is going to space. “We were simultaneously developing the Floatride running shoe and a, now declassified, space boot for the CST-100 capsule that will travel to and from the international space station,” says Hobson, about the Reebok and David Clark Company partnership, which makes equipment for high-altitude and space programs. “The FloatSpaceBootOne uses the exact same bottom as the running shoe. The astronauts were looking for a more comfortable and super-lightweight alternative to traditional, heavy leather flight boots.”

The Floatride is loud, and I guess it has every reason to be.