Reader letters: October 2009

Find out what readers had to say in letters from the October issue of Best Health Magazine

Reader letters: October 2009

Kudos for highlighting how physiotherapy can help many Canadians take a more active role in their health (‘A Hands-On Approach,’ September, page 72). As a physiotherapist myself, I can appreciate a story that stresses that as healthcare consumers, we can control our own health.
Heather Branscombe, Abbotsford, B.C.

When I read ‘Petra Cooper’s Change of Heart’ (Septem­ber, page 114) about her new cheese business, I thought of what I’d always wanted to do: own an old-fashioned sweet shop (with lickable wallpaper!). Keep up the good work.
Ellie Syracopoulos, Montreal

I read ‘Four Myths About ‘Nightshade’ Vegetables’ (September, page 100) with interest. In my case, tomatoes do trigger migraines. Eliminating them from my diet, and cutting back on other nightshades, has made a difference.
Phyllis Cornea, Moose Jaw, Sask.

Best Health is the best women’s magazine today. Your recipes are easy to make and refreshingly different. I love that there’s a great picture and the recipe on one page. Keep those recipes coming!
Sue Kainz, Toronto

Please write about green smoothies. I’m not a raw-food person, but the idea of mixing leafy greens with fruit resonates with me. (Love your magazine and the website.)
Diane Jensen, Victoria

Editor’s note: Whip up our green ‘Fruit & Veg Smoothie’ on page 18 of this issue.

I would like to see more on celiac disease (‘The Gluten Connection,’ Summer, page 82), especially on the misconception that it’s a childhood ailment that can be outgrown. I’m 23 and was just diagnosed. Many people think I must not take my diet seriously as I have it as an adult.
Kayla Uniac, Kitchener, Ont.

After my third child was born, I couldn’t be happier’but my body isn’t. So when I saw Best Health on Twitter, I bought the Summer issue. I liked that the articles didn’t preach to me, but rather focused on how to do things, and on the benefits. Thanks!
Sherrie Guthrie, Ottawa

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