I Quit My Corporate Job To Work In The Fitness Industry

Kale & Krunches blogger Marlie Cohen left the corporate world for a healthier lifestyle. Find out how she uses her blog to stay fit and support herself.

Photo of Kale and Krunches blogger Marlie Cohenphoto credit: Tara McMullen

I’ve met Kale & Krunches blogger Marlie Cohen tons of times. More often than not it will be a fitness events or nutrition launches, where we bond over our latest fitness successes and travel stories. But when I heard that Marlie left her corporate job to blog full-time, I had to find out how she did it.

Why is fitness so much a part of your life?

“I grew up dancing so fitness has always been a part of my life. I went to high school for dance and in my prime, I was dancing 20 hours a week. Once I got to university, I stopped taking classes and fell off the fitness bandwagon. I didn’t belong to a gym and pretty much didn’t do anything active for a solid four years. When I graduated university, I joined the corporate world with a job in commercial real estate. I spent the majority of my time either sitting at my desk or in my car. I started to feel really disconnected from the active person I used to be. This lead me to some innocent research online about how to get back in shape. I began trying different workout classes and fell in love with spin because riding to the music felt like to closest thing to dance for me. I also made small changes to my diet like adding in more veggies, reducing alcohol and limiting processed foods. I saw and felt so many positive changes.”


How did you start your blog?

“I read so many different health and fitness blogs and would think, I wish I had my own. I would say I waited about five years before I actually started blogging. There were some blogs I created over the years and then deleted. I was embarrassed and nervous to put myself out there. When I decided to really go for it, Instagram seemed like the safest place to start. I initially did not show my face or even tell my friends about the account. Overtime I became more confident with it and felt so inspired by the amazing online fitness community. I eventually created the blog after feeling the support of all my amazing followers.”

What are the benefits of writing about your fitness and health journey?

“It holds me accountable. Whenever I feel too lazy to go to the gym, I think about the people who have told me I inspire them to work out. There’s no better motivation than that. It’s also helped take me out of my comfort zone. Whether it’s trying the latest superfood or a taking a different workout class, I like to change it up to keep my content fresh.”


When did you decide to quit your job and become a health and fitness influencer? What was your #BHmoment moment?

“I knew I wanted to work in the fitness world full time three years before I actually did it. I was just too scared. My goal was to personal train, health coach and teach spin. If I did it enough I should be able to support myself. I did most of my certifications while I was still working at my corporate job. Finally, with the encouragement of my husband, I realized there would never be the ‘right’ time to make this big change. So, I quit my corporate job right before I went on my honeymoon. I never set out to be an influencer. I had never even heard of that term when I started my Instagram account, @kale_and_krunches. I still think it’s crazy that people read and watch what I put out there. Now the blog takes up the majority of my time, which is something I didn’t plan for. I can’t believe that I get to try workout classes or athletic wear as part of my job. I am so grateful!

Any advice for women who might want to take a similar path?

“I did what my dad taught me: I made one-year, five-year and 10-year plans. Even if your goals sound lofty or you’re not even sure what to do, put your intentions on paper and ask yourself what will it take to get there. Then just go for it.”

What have you learned about this journey and about yourself?

“I’ve learned to trust my gut. I knew deep down I wasn’t in the right job for me and that I could be so much happier doing what I loved. Even if I failed, I didn’t want to live my life constantly asking myself ‘what if I did go for it?’”

Any regrets?

“I don’t really believe in regrets but if I had to pick, it would be that I didn’t start my journey sooner.”

To read more about Marlie, check out her awesome blog at kaleandkrunches.com. and on facebook.com/kaleandkrunches.